Essay on children the future of our nation

essay on children the future of our nation

positive young adult that Im better than anyone else. I will make something out of our youth verses ignoring them. We often hear of children from poverty-stricken or extremely poor backgrounds achieving outstanding performances in secondary and senior secondary examinations. No matter what issues I face in my life between now and then getting a job helping children I will always find that extra something thats down with in me to help these children of all races, because children are our future, and the only. Given this, the posterity is sure to lead the nation to greater heights and newer worlds. A child can ask questions that a wise man can not answer. Retrieved 14:27, October 08, 2018, from. It is the responsibility of the adults to direct the youth in desired direction. M, (December 31, 1969). People have to understand that whatever we do around children its taking into affect in some type of way and will influence them.

But the ever-increasing population nullifies the efforts of the government. Advertisements: Moreover, social evils like child labour, drug addiction, child marriage, beggary, child abuse etc also hamper the proper the development of children. I believe children are our future in a way that at times its hard to explain. I just dont see many role models grasp this issue. I just hate to see in todays society the negative impacts, such as our role models not stepping up and taking full responsibility for our children.