Master thesis methodology chapter

master thesis methodology chapter

elicit the right information to answer the primary research questions. Documents are tangible materials in which facts or ideas have been recorded. . Up until the point of writing your methodology, you will have defined your research question and conducted a detailed review of what other scholars in the field have to say about your topic. Your methodology should also include details of and justifications for the statistical models you'll use to analyse your data. Instrumentation, in a qualitative study, the instrument used to collect data may be created by the researcher or based on an existing instrument. . If you're completing a postgraduate dissertation, the chances are you already have a broad awareness of the different theoretical positions and schools of thought in your field, and you may well have a good idea of the schools of thought with which you most closely. It should be noted, of course, that your methodology won't only be determined by the modes of inquiry or schools of thought that appeal to you most; there are likely to be practical considerations that determine how you approach your problem. What should my methodology not contain? The purpose of the methodology chapter is to give an experienced investigator enough information to replicate the study. If it's possible to convey all the information another scholar would need in order to recreate your work in the body of your dissertation, do so; however if your methodology section starts to look like a shopping list, you should move some very detailed content.

Do the people being studied know that they are under observation? . Sometimes an operational statement of the research hypotheses in null form is given to set the stage for later statistical inferences. If the study involves interviews, an interview protocol should be developed that will result in a consistent process of data collection across all interviews. Methodological rigour is just as valuable in the arts and humanities as in the sciences and social sciences. Some documents are part of the public domain and are freely accessible, whereas other documents may be classified, confidential or otherwise unavailable to public access. . In a qualitative study, the decision regarding the number of participants in a study becomes a reflection the studys purpose. If your methodology takes a bold new step that some may find off-putting, you can acknowledge this whilst taking extra care to emphasise its grounded relationship to established work in the field. Key to justifying your methodology is demonstrating that it is fit for the purpose of answering the research problem or questions you posed at the start. What should my methodology look like? Unless you happen to have access to a particle accelerator at your university, the chances are your quantum physics project will be based on theoretical projections rather than physical experimental data. Items in other media can also be the subject of documentary analysis, including films, songs, websites and photographs.

master thesis methodology chapter

Some advisors do not. How you have described the methodology section is in general, precisely what you s hould. One source for assistance with writing this. Learn about the difference between Methodology and Methods and what to include in the Methodology section of your dissertation or thesis. Your methodology section appears immediately after the literature r eview in your dissertation, and should flow organically from.