Essays on leaderships

essays on leaderships

other. In intermediate range of favourableness, leader gets the work done by using his interpersonal skills. Informal leaders are not their creation and cannot eliminate at their will. Or we can say that the action of leading a group of people or an organization or having the ability to do this called leadership. The best style depended on the situation faced by the leaders. How well employees are trained and how well the leader knows the task? Even in unfavourable situation for leaders, where leader-member relations are not good, task is unstructured and position power of the leader is weak, autocratic or task- oriented approach to leadership is preferred.

essays on leaderships

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Leaders extensively interact with the subordinates and involve them fully in the goal setting process. (e) Information power: It is the power to have access to organisational information. Cons of Leadership, sometimes a leader has to work alone and for long hours, it makes him/her more tired and stressful. Laws or established procedures. Leadership and power: A leader derives potential to influence the behaviour of others through power. People have to be guided to contribute to goals with zeal and confidence. High LPC rating managers (where people rate their co-workers high or favourable) adopt employee-oriented leadership style and low LPC rating managers (where people rate their co-workers low or in unfavourable terms) perform better when task-oriented leadership style is adopted. It contained factors pertaining to initiating structure and consideration and identified respondents perception about their leaders behaviour. Keith Davis, leadership is the process of influencing others to work towards the attainment of specific goals.

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