North and south differences essay

north and south differences essay

pioneers from Great Britain came to The new world, now known as America, they located themselves all over this new land that they had writing personal background essays discovered. This caused a major split between the North and South. The thirteen states formed a loose confederation with a very weak federal government. Since they couldnt produce much supplies, they also couldnt transport much since they did not have much railroad mileage. The northern colonies strayed away from Englands strict religious views so this sort of hurt the relationship between the north and England, but it didnt hurt the relationship that bad. The Separatist Pilgrims in Plymouth were the first group to seek freedom, and their leader, William Bradford, said his greatest fear was non-Puritan settlers. New Netherlands, which later became New York, was a mainly Dutch business venture. Religion in the northern and southern colonies was also a little bit different. This obviously had adverse affects on the enlistment strengths of the Union and the Confederacy.

north and south differences essay

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Because the South had better generals, such as Robert. They both came from the same place, Great Britain, and wanted to start something new and be the beginning of something new. They produced tons of goods, which allowed them to be able to trade a lot of what they produced. They divided themselves up into colonies. The, north and, south had dramatically different regional identities, largely as a result of their settlement histories and economies. However, at the same time the increase in the number of plantations willing to move from other crops to cotton meant the greater need for a large amount of cheap labor,.e. (Interactive Map for Agriculture) The values of the southern farmland could be used so it can be sold to other people or countries when they needed more money for the expenses of the war. LEading up to Civil War, North. This compromise weighed equality in the numbers of free states and slave states.