Essay on should mercy killing be legalised

essay on should mercy killing be legalised

family members to give consent to the ending of their lives. Euthanasia has gained significant human interest in the Indian society and even Bollywood of late is catching up on the trend. With euthanasia, one would be likely to have less endurance and resort to the easy way out, escapism. Both in life and death we belong to the Lord." God has a plan and each human person having an eternal destiny has a dignity. One of her sons died. I do not find beautiful flower garden essay a reason for providing expensive treatment to those who are terminally ill, have no scope for survival and who are merely surviving on somebodys mercy." Even after knowing fully well that all efforts would prove futile, doctors continue to carry out. The definition of life should not merely constitute biological existence but also the conscious existence that actually brings purpose and meaning to their more.

Active euthanasia or' mercy killing' pertains to the. Choice between death AND living hell.

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essay on should mercy killing be legalised

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Expert view, dr K Subbha Rao, an experienced radiologist, who has returned to India after serving over four decades in the United States says, I propose, I second and support mercy killing. "If we live, we are responsible to the Lord, and when we die we are responsible to the Lord. Vref1 titleShould Mercy Killing Be Legalised t dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, india's struggle for independence essay UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Mercy killing otherwise known, as euthanasia has been a central issue subjected to heated debate. Appeals for legalising euthanasia are pouring in from different states of the country. Hence, the individual has no right to take his own life, as it was never his to begin with.

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Should Mercy Killing Be Legalised.
Lying on the bed of a super specialty hospital in New Delhi, suffering from incapacitating physical disorder, a frail figure.