Blending quotes in essays

blending quotes in essays

your sources is particularly relevant to your paper but does not deserve to be"d verbatim, consider paraphrasing the passage if you wish to convey the points in the passage at roughly the same level. Note that most scientific writing relies on summary rather than"tion. Even smoother integration: Harper Lee describes. Example: Thoreau argues that "shams and delusions are esteemed for soundest truths, while reality is fabulous.". Consider"ng a passage from one of your sources if any of the following conditions holds: The language of the passage is particularly elegant or powerful or memorable. Do not also include a period before closing the"tion mark, even if there is a period there in the original. A suggested revision: Throughout the book, many horrible events including the killings occur during the night. 5, example from tkam (contd original unblended:. On Revolution, Hannah Arendt points to the role the Romans played in laying the foundation for later thinking about the ethics of waging war: we must turn to Roman antiquity to find the first justification of war, together with the first notion that there are.

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Use signal phrases uk essay gender role which precede the". The same is true of writing in those social sciencessuch as experimental psychologythat rely on controlled studies and emphasize quantifiable results. But never sacrifice precision of phrasing for the sake of variety. Rule 1: Complete sentence : "quot;tion." (If you use a complete sentence to introduce a"tion, use a colon ( : ) just before the"tion. Or it can be an incomplete sentence: Gertrude implores her son Hamlet, cast your nighted colour off (1.2.68). Never just drop a"tion in your writing! Notice as well the punctuation of the sentences above in relation to the"tions. Use your own words to introduce a"tion in the sentence. Alternatively, you can include Gertrudes original phrasing in its entirety as long as the introduction to the"tion is not fully integrated with the"tion.

Finally, note that you can deviate from the common pattern of introduction followed by"tion. Letting your reader know exactly which authorities you rely on is an advantage: it shows that you have done your research and that you are well acquainted with the literature on your topic. Make sure that the nuance matches your specific aims in introducing the"tion. A suggested revision: Wiesel suggests night represents death by fire as he and other passengers witness flames rising from a chimney into a dark sky which are no doubt burning people alive (Wiesel 28).

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