Violence against women in india essay

violence against women in india essay

act in a non-partisan manner. Write your essay in a format which includes an introduction, more information and conclusion for easy understanding of the reader. Sometimes male partner beats his girlfriend for not being physically intimate with him, abuses her for silly reasons, stops her from interacting with her friends, blackmail her emotionally by psychological gimmicks. Sometimes, the police are so callous in conducting investigations that even the courts question the efficiency and integrity of the police authorities.

Students are generally assigned this topic to write full essay or only paragraph during exam time or essay writing competition within the school or outside the school.
Home Free Essays Violence Against Women In India.
According to eminent Kannada writer Vaidehi, violence against women is as old as the Mahabharata.
But the rapid changes in our society seem to be escalating the scale of this violence.
To protect women against Domestic Violence, the Parliament passed The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 According to this act.

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For a woman, being battered by a man whom she trusted most becomes a shattering experience. We have heard many cases of rape and acid attacks on women traveling alone at nights or sometimes at day. Lastly, they have to engage themselves in normal policing duties, with long stretches of working. It may be mentally or physically. Peoples mindset is still orthodox. In such cases the organisations mount pressure on the officials by reporting the matter to the higher officials, or to various bodies constituted for women like National and State Commissions for Women. It then goes on to review best practices of combating violence against women. During the period under review overall literacy increased.46 percentage points that of males and females.46 and.60 percentage points, respectively. Read a lot of things about your topic and try explaining them in your words in your essay instead of remembering all the points word to word.

Ending of speech, if this violence is abolished from our country then the phrase Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo will be converted to Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo. Murder: Homicide is mainly a masculine crime. Under these circumstances, it becomes quite difficult for them to discharge the role at the woman police station. While inadequate dowry may be one of the underlying causes of harassment of women, in rural poor households, where dowry is either non-existent or is only a token payment, there are other causes of abusive behaviour.

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