Short essay on technology boon or bane

short essay on technology boon or bane

followed: advertisements: (1) Statement (2) Speculation (3) Experiment (4) Concept and (5) Evidence. If all these powers and weapons are not used in a negative way, there is nothing to fear. Then starts the thinking, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, comparison and contrast and finally the truth emerges. All this is possible, because of science. Civilization, as it is today, also came from numerous discoveries that were made in the field of Science. In Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, major Internet service providers have voluntarily agreed to limit access to sites blacklisted by the police. More Essay Examples. In other words, the Internet can act like an addictive drug.

Like my mother always say to me when I am using my lappy toppy (my laptops name) for long, lahat ng sobra ay masama. A man needs a fair amount of information to run his life efficiently, and to date the Internet is the most versatile information-provider that man has ever devised. At the risk of repetition one must reiterate that the best safeguard against the abuses of the Internet is ones character. Character is like a mighty rock that can withstand the unruly waves of unwanted emotions without getting dislodged. A scientist cannot accept the principles, usually because; they were accepted by others formerly. A lot of determination and observation are required. Advertisements: There is also another side of the coin. In education, on the other hand, according to Wiki Answers, New forms of entertainment, such as video games and internet access could have possible social effects on areas such as academic performance. A scientist does not accept ideas, simply because, they were accepted by others earlier. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Essay.The overt observation of some knowledgeable persons who passionately feel concerned for the welfare of humanity, in the wake of scientific strides and technological triumphs, laments that technology creates more problems than it solves. Technology : Boon or Bane? Or any similar topic specifically for you. More Essay Examples on Technology Rubric.

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