Pakistan is our identity essay

pakistan is our identity essay

being a separate nation. Seraiki or a south Punjab province will be part of the manifesto for the next election. Print, reference this, published: Mon, it will not appear as a shock if one claims that the present day Pakistani is going through an identity crisis. In this essay "The Role of Islam in Pakistani Politics I will begin with distinguishing between the two schools of thought which are at the forefront of Pakistani politics. Cite This Work, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. It is recommended to have a better understanding of the vision of the founders of this state and most importantly seek the true essence of Islam as Jinnah said Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy. Taj Mahal is as much our heritage as it is Indias. The fact that you have to appropriate, conquer and claim dominion to declare a land azad is paradoxical. That vision which is abundantly clear from Quaid-e-Azams speeches was formation of an Islamic social welfare state on the pattern of the Charter of Medina, which offered equal citizenship rights to all and non-discrimination in justice.

We have to first identify the vision pursuing which we all came together to form a nation. There is genocide of the Shia Muslims that is taking place. One of the most noticeable aspects of the otherwise banal Azad Kashmir election was the rhetoric of ownership employed by all political parties. In order to comprehend the crisis, it is necessary to acknowledge that it is not a new phenomenon but in fact traces its root from partition and for some, even before that. He says: it is today battered by the intolerant and fratricidal schisms of sectarian, linguistic, and regional groups; brutalized by ostentatious consumerism and corruption; held hostage by the manifest opportunism and inconstancy of its ruling classes. Today Urdu is emerging as a fast growing international language. Overtime, use of religion to define state ideology created confusion in the minds of ordinary Pakistani and eventually Zia-ul-Haq taking the tinkertoy in his hands and imposing his prescription of Islamic identity pitted the different sects, puritans and folk religionists against each other; created intolerance.

pakistan is our identity essay

Its too long thing to discuss about Pakistan identity. However i start the essay from 1857 when british attack on South Asia.