College essay dos

college essay dos

problem. Polishing and fine-tuning. Relatable emotions and a compelling story can be enough to raise your essay above your writing ability. Im going to distill those ideas to a few key pieces of advice about writing the college essay: Do : Be engaging. You study for the ACT, you should study for your college essay too. THE essay gives US, something THE, numbers. Weve had students cry while writing their essays.

How do you know if they want to read it? Dont be afraid to be open and vulnerable.

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If you cant answer that question, youre not ready to write your college essay. If youre not, thats probably a sign that your reader wont be either. In fact, we recommend. Best case scenario is that theyll think youre trying to impress them. Your essay should be something central to who you are as a person. Do remember that sometimes a small, everyday subject is as likely to produce a revealing portrait as a peak experience.

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