Is torture justified for national security essay

is torture justified for national security essay

argument that torture is inhumane or cruel is laughable. Information is sometimes more valuable then morals, so that justifies some tortures. Information retrieved from interrogation. Terrible methods are used in order to force detainees to confession, or more commonly, false confession. Of course this was a fancy dodge for another word that described three essays in international economics what this wastorture. I think physical and psychological torture are acceptable ways of getting anything that you want and/or need. The pain of the torture will also teach the sufferer a lesson that they should have obeyed authority. He refuses to divulge. But some people in this world do need.

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is torture justified for national security essay

Unlike the innocent American citizen, the terrorist has a way out. Torture is the same as justifying an act of self defense. . Outlawed in international law and in most domestic legal regimes this inhumane tactic to extract information never, repeat, never works. Torture victims generally tell the interrogator what they feel he or she wants to hear." This view is shared not only by many interrogators in the field, but people like past-Attorney General John Ashcroft and Sen. What was our opinion? President Obama has assured voters on numerous occasions throughout his presidency that the detention center would be closed.

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