Phd thesis in power electronics

phd thesis in power electronics

configurations and load current step disturbances. Umarikar January, Micro grid. This method is based on the use of time-dependent Fourier series, operational matrices, state-space representation and averaging methods. We have tested our approach on various test systems ieee 14-bus and ieee 30-bus systems and on a practical Indian 246 bus network. With the utility grid. Such a representation is based on switching functions that enable the realization of flexible and comprehensive harmonic models. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering gmrit, Rajam Post-doctoral Research Associate (pdra The University of Manchester, Manchester,.

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(Power Systems SRM what would you do differently essay University, Tamil Nadu, India. July 2013 - July, Power Quality Monitoring in Emerging Power Systems using Adaptive and Intelligent Techniques. Electrical Engineering Bhilai Institute of Technolog y, Durg, Chattisgarh, India Interaction between Electric Vehicles and Power Grid Smart Grid Power System Deregulation Power System Protection and Security Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur,.P, India. But due to the high installation costs, it is uneconomical and infeasible to place them at all the buses. Other objectives includes investigation of how synchronised phasor measurements can be used for detecting post contingency problems in real time operations and developing a methodology for real time wide area security assessment for PMU measurements. The growing penetration levels of inductive, constant power, rectifier interfaced active and dynamic induction motor loads can cause instability of an islanded inverter based microgrid. Moreover, a new harmonic power flow methodology, based on the instantaneous power flow balance concept, the harmonic domain, and Newton-Raphson method, is developed and explained in the thesis. Vinay Kumar Tiwari Supervisor Co-Supervisor Date of Joining Institute ID Email Research Topic Education. The solution of the state-space equations gives the dynamic response of the harmonic coefficients of x(t). Karthik Thirumala (Graduated supervisor. The other objectives include minimization of input current ripple, reduce the loss associated with the components and design of controllers for the high gain DC-DC converters. My PhD dissertation work mainly focuses on the utilization of phasor measurements and thereby developing subsequent techniques for enhanced monitoring and assessment of power systems.