Amherst economics thesis

amherst economics thesis

Macroeconomic Policy Stimulate Private Investment in South Africa? . Paul, Economics PDF The Political Economy of Smallholder Incorporation and Land Acquisition, Alfredo. Dynamic factor analysis FOR panel data: A generalized model. Foley Dynamics of Output and Employment in the.S. Deepankar Basu, marx's Analysis of Ground-Rent: Theory, Examples and Applications 03, peter Skott, challenges for Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics 02, deepankar Basu, an Approach to the Problem of Employment in India 01 Noe Wiener Measuring Labor Market Segmentation from Incomplete Data 2017 21 Deepankar Basu A Unified Marxist. Additionally, students earn the credential Departmental Honors (DH) or Multidisciplinary Honors (MH) upon satisfactory completion of Advanced Scholarship DH or MH requirements. 15 Fidan Ana Kurtulus Douglas Kruse Joseph Blasi Worker Attitudes Towards Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing and Variable Pay 14 Fidan Ana Kurtulus Donald Tomaskovic-Devey Do Women Top Managers Help Women Advance? Financial System to Avoid Yet Another Meltdown 14 James Crotty Structural Causes of the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessment of the 'New Financial Architecture' 13 Sung-Ha Hwang Samuel Bowles Is Altruism Bad for Cooperation? Faculty Advisor: Nathalie Lavoie.

De Souza Gonzalo Hernandez An empirical analysis of Minsky regimes in the US economy 07 Michele Lombardi Naoki Yoshihara Treading a fine line: (Im)possibilities for Nash implementation with partiallyhonest individuals 06 Naoki Yoshihara Comments on "Full Industry Equilibrium: A Theory of the Industrial Long Run". Stock market boom, Lawrence Lee Evans PDF Investment, labor demand, and political conflict in South Africa, James S Heintz PDF *Education, inequality and economic mobility in South Africa, Thomas Nathaniel Hertz PDF Employer work -family programs: Essays on policy implementation, employee preferences, and parental childcare. The candidate may elect to submit a Master's Thesis. Faculty Advisor: Sheila Mammen. Master of Arts Degree Requirements, the Graduate Program in Economics is primarily designed for doctoral candidates, but a Master of Arts in Economics can be awarded along the way. An Empirical Exploration 28 Arslan Razmi Imposing a balance of payment constraint on the Kaldorian model of cumulative causation 27 Deepankar Basu Relative mortality improvements as a marker of socio-economic inequality across the developing world, Soon Ryoo Peter Skott Public debt and full employment. 09 Marco Mariotti Roberto Veneziani Opportunities as Chances: Maximising the Probability that Everybody Succeeds 08 Mwangi wa Githinji Erasing Class/ (re)Creating Ethnicity: Jobs, Politics, Accumulation and Identity in Kenya 07 Deepanker Basu Amit Basole The Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India: An Empirical Investigation 06 Peter. Economy, Fabian Slonimczyk Peter Skott Employment and Distribution Effects of the Minimum Wage 02 Ben Zipperer Peter Skott Cyclical Patterns of Employment, Utilization and Profitability 01 Roberto Frenkel Martin Rapetti A Concise History of Exchange Rate Regimes in Latin American 2009 14 Deepankar Basu The. Recipients: Boyle, Robert.

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