The maltese falcon essay

the maltese falcon essay

and it is a big symbol of power. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. In Conclusion the characters of Spade, Brigid and Cairo in the Huston film suffer from transition to The Maltese Falcon. This shows professionalism, the little girl who has every thing under control and who expects to be very seductive as we see in the paragraph write after?Her body was erect and high-breasted, her legs long and hands and feet narrow. Maybe the reason John Huston did this was to create s big shock at the end of the movie. He also deceives Bridgid in a manner such as this, making her think that he loves her, when in the end, he's just looking out for himself.

Cairo had feminine features. Again we see Spade showing power when he is talking to Brigid in her own apartment. The mastermind (or shall we just say mind) behind this escapade. In the book, when Brigid, Spade and Cairo were talking together for the first time Cairo tells Brigid?Yes, I went back to him? This shows that he knows that Brigid is playing her game with him and it also shows instability in his part.

In conclusion, Spade in the marathi essay rainy day movie seems to have all the power and control, especially on Brigid. Cairo since being portrayed as unique, makes the audience wonder if Cairo has anything to do with the murders. O?Shaughnessey is that of a tall redhead with long legs, red hair, and beautiful red lips. In the book he is written as being tall and lanky with blond hair, and a recurring v-motif that makes him out to be what Hammett describes as a?blond Satan? Look after it personally?, I don? Then there is Wilmer, the boy, the?gunsul? Gutman by talking his way around his bodyguards. This in ways gives us a distrusting side of Spade because it seems he has a duo personality. He also demonstrates this ability on his way. The first image we get of Miss. In the movie, we see that Cairo has 3 passports, this shows that he is a professional and we wonder why he would need so many passports. Also Spade lets himself out in the book but in the movie, they played around this and they made Spade to have the key of Brigid so that he can enter her apartment without her consent.

In the book, from the beginning Brigid makes an entrance to spade? Sam Spade uses his sly tongue and way of dealing with people to manipulate them.