Essay on world nature conservation day

essay on world nature conservation day

to protect, conserve, and sustainably manage our natural resources. The government is using methods to pick these things from the waste to recycle them. The article credits one initiative with increasing the tiger population from 1,710 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014, and another with expanding mangroves by more than 100 sq kms. Conservation of Nature Essay 2 (300 words). Same goes for electricity. Conservation of Nature Essay 3 (400 words).

World Nature Conservation Day July 28 KeepIn Calendar

essay on world nature conservation day

Now, while these natural resources are present on Earth in abundance, unfortunately the requirement of most of these has increased tremendously over the centuries due to growth in human population. Hunting of wild animals must be stopped for the preservation of wild life. Factory foods provide reduced quality in favor of the financial incentive. Many nature documentaries show resources that are being wasted. The five initiatives are creating green spaces in cities, improving waste management, protecting tigers, restoring mangroves, and conserving wetlands. Sadly, that would neither improve human health nor help conserve biodiversity. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Women and children, who spend much of their time gathering and hauling wood, would be able to engage in less onerous and more fulfilling pursuits. Dead zones are hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world's oceans and large lakes Caused by "excessive nutrient pollution from human activities coupled with other factors that deplete the oxygen required to support most marine life in bottom and near-bottom water. Use the electric appliances wisely and turn them off when they are not in use. Restrict Usage of Paper. But many climate activists argue that developing countries should avoid our mistakes (i.e., reliance on fossil fuels and use small-scale clean technologies as a bridge to the renewable energy future.

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