Technology in 50 years essay

technology in 50 years essay

lives much easier. As an example miniaturisation will 'bring everyday IT down to lapel-pin size'.". On one hand, jobs include requiring physical labour are going to be become increasingly automated on a global scale. Already, the average amount of time that people spend in jobs is going down, the number of career transitions is going up, unemployment is on the rise globally and the waves of disruption hitting every industry are accelerating. A few years ago, Gallup conducted a study of global desires and the results were unambiguous: ahead of family, democracy or even religious freedom, people wanted a job ideally with steady hours, a regular pay cheque and all-round stability.

According to Ray Kurzweil, we ll be post-singularity by 2064, a nd therefore it s truly unimaginable what technology will change by that time. We may even have. Dream up what the future will look like in the next 5, 10, eve n 50 years.

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technology in 50 years essay

Now if you would like to purchase items from overseas, you can just find the companys website online and order whatever you please. Moon bases will play a crucial role in global conflicts; because the moon is essentially a massive plot of undeveloped land over which nobody has legal ownership. Pearson said that the faster that technology becomes obsolete the faster miniaturisation will happen, which will reduce the drain on the world's resources. We'll start incorporating nanotechnology into our bodies. Many American artists are able to share their music with the world and are sometimes more popular in other countries than the United States. As far as global warming goes, the Dead Sea will be almost completely dried up, nearly half of the Amazon rainforest will have been deforested, wildfires will spread like, umm, wildfire, and the polar ice caps will be only 60 percent the size they are. He said that boards of directors should beware of setting extreme goals for their heads of IT security. Do not theme of power in king lear essay have a five-year plan.

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