Essay on blue jasmine

essay on blue jasmine

Hal, played beautiful life michael futcher essay by actor Alec Baldwin and lost everything. . The thing thats wonderful about Cate is that she is an incredible actress who can transform; she can play anything, says Armstrong, who directed Blanchett in Oscar and Lucinda and Charlotte Gray. I think it boils down to two performances. It was easy, darn right predictable, to see Baldwin in this roleagainthe man in charge who is a schmuck. Without skills, she pursued an ideal husband who would protect and accept her special skillsthe ideal accompaniment for a man, the trophy wife. But Ginger has moved on, and although Jasmine was never generous to her before, doesnt hold a grudge.

The crash from élite lifestyle to poverty-stricken homelessness is a long drop; she must hold on to her wits while keeping her composure. He was perfect as Auggie, the laborer who epitomized the stereotype and the cast of TVs crass reality show, Jersey. T heres something to be said for messing with audience expectations. I have always depended on the kindest of strangers. Her life of luxury has resulted in a lack of valuable skills, and her shift in accommodating environments proves insensitive and unforgiving. As Blanchett tells Variety, Jasmine is the architect of her own spectacular downfall by giving up her own aspirations, by calling the feds on her husband when she learns of his marital transgressions, by continuing to live a lie when honesty might have earned her. And Susan Traherne in David Hares Plenty. No Country for Old Men accomplished this with unfaltering resolve and picked up a Best Picture Oscar for its efforts. Blanchett played Blanche, a part that drama critic John Lahr calls the Everest of modern American drama, on Broadway life after death term paper in 2009 to great acclaim.

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