Sophocles vs euripides essay

sophocles vs euripides essay

deities such as Aphrodite, Artemis, and Dionysus as symbols of emotionslust, restraint, irrationality, for examplerather than as the anthropomorphic images worshiped in the temples. Grecian women were particularly hurt by harmful stereotypes. This is different from the Libation Bearers. Clytemnestra's speech is "inextricably bound with her adultery and in this way, though she stands out in the tragedies as a strong female character, she does not break her social contract and manages to use social restrictions actually to empower her (McClure 26). Euripides also was less constrained by traditional myths than were Aeschylus or Sophocles. We would hate him all the more if he did not change his way in the play, as it would mean that Antigone, Eurydice and Haemon all died for nothing, and Creon didn't learn anything. In addition, through Antigone's unwavering commitment to lamenting her brother properly, coupled with her mourning of her father and her own fate throughout the play, she adheres strictly to roles that were typical of women at the time, and eventually, according to McClure, this began. An important to clarify is that we are not judging their personality. But his yielding at line 871 wall her up alive to merely imprisoning Antigone reveals a weakness within him, which his confirmed by his entire reversal at line 1223 I'll obey. This transition is illustrated through Creon's objection to the burial because it undermines his authority.

Sophocles vs Euripides Essay - 1224 Words Bartleby

sophocles vs euripides essay

sophocles vs euripides essay

Sophocles Antigone and Euripides The Bacchae are indubitably plays of an titheses and conflicts, and this condition is personified in the manifestation of their. Free euripides papers, essays, and research papers. Sophocles Antigone an d Euripides The Bacchae are indubitably plays of antitheses and conflicts, and. Free term paper on Sophocles. While both Sophocles and Eurip ides are considered writers of Greek.

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Both Oedipus and Creon were very linear; they sought the goal without hesitation or contemplation of the consequences. Euripides, more modern than Sophocles, believed that the reader should sympathize with the tragic hero and understand the moral dilemma, that all men and women are equal in nobility and ability, and that ill-treatment of women or humanity will lead to disaster. This dilemma was addressed by several of the tragedians, particularly Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles. Misfortunately, in both versions the just solution leads the siblings to destroying their own mother. Euripides view that emotions provoke much of human activity caused him to adopt a different focus in his tragedies from that of Aeschylus or Sophocles. They both fall prey to the actions of a woman, one whom cma essay calculation they both originally thought they had complete control over. For example, she speaks longingly of her "honored husband" (. Again, Medea is deceptive in order to make selfish gains when she tells Aegeus that she can "end his childlessness" (. Sophocles, however, was more simplistic in his rationing of character traits.

These authors argue through the creation of strong, assertive and clever female characters that women have great potential, and the horrific sadness that is brought about as a result of these characters' actions suggest that disempowering half of the population is disastrous for a society;. The Chorus' doubting of her account illustrates just how untrustworthy and unintelligent women were supposed to be, and Clytemnestra picks up on this right away. In Euripides view of the world, human tragedy affects everyone; it is not merely the province of the aristocracy. She is strong-willed, passionate, scheming, revengeful, and even considered a sorceress. The widespread acceptance of male promiscuity in both Greek culture and literature at this time existed in stark contrast to female promiscuity; fidelity and loyalty were not expected to be and were not reciprocal in marriage.

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