Short essay on women empowerment in india

short essay on women empowerment in india

In the process of empowerment women should consider their strengths and weakness opportunities and threats and move forward to unfold their own potential to achieve their goals through self-development. It is not about just handful but for the 586.47 million which is nearly 48,5 of women in the country. The modem conjugal relationships are based on freedom and desire rather than convention. Women give birth to the baby means future of the nation so only they can better involve in making the bright future of the nation through the proper growth and development of the children. Legal Women Empowerment, it suggests the provision of an effective legal structure which is supportive of women empowerment. It is said that, india is the fourth most dangerous country for women on this globe.

They are having qualities better than men. Many social evils like child marriage and dowry system surfaced and started to engulf women. Women as a Good Leader or Manager-Group Discussion(GD) Topic. Women empowerment means emancipation of women from the vicious grips of social, economical, political, caste and gender-based discrimination. In India, the paternalistic attitude of the male has not undergone much change. Women empowerment is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. Women empowerment is not a new concept it is quite a well-known concept around the globe. In other fields also the seats for women have been reserved for their active participation without any limitation and competition. Introduction: The topic on Women Empowerment is a burning issue all over the world.

short essay on women empowerment in india

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Essay on Women Empowerment In India.
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