Political system in pakistan essay

political system in pakistan essay

Democracy persuasive essay on injustice in Pakistan faced a host of difficulties which did not let the democratic principles, institutions and processes develop firm roots in the polity. This is one of the major reasons of slow development in some specific areas as compared to others. A leader is a dealer in hopeNapoleon Bonaparte Our constitution does not provide an effective system of check and balance. The prime minister is assisted by the Federal Cabinet, a council of ministers whose members are appointed by the president on the advice of the prime minister.

In the 1890s Britain had become the first nation to adapt the two-tier administrative framework of revolutionary Paris (1790) onto pre-existing parish councils in the urban context (London) and into three tiers in the rural context (county, district, parish councils). It is no longer empowerment of women. Any democratic system cannot run successfully with just half of the population and other half is marginalized. If any part of the law is declared to be against Islamic law, the government is required to take necessary steps to amend such law appropriately. Elected for a five-year term by an Electoral College consisting of members of the Senate and National Assembly and members of the provincial assemblies, the president is eligible for re-election. They mobilized the support that led to the passage of the Muslim Personal Law of Sharia in 1948, which recognized a womans right to inherit all forms of property. In the US, the seven county Twin Cities (MN) regional system and Portland (OR) Metro are both the most integrated US examples; but, also those often cited in the US for what they have achieved. Judiciary must be made strong enough to keep a strong check over these important matters. Personalization of rule has been in vogue. Islamic Scholars and Islamic Politicians have come to accept the word democracy and what it means within these limits.