Industrial revolution essay positive and negative effects

industrial revolution essay positive and negative effects

factories where goods were mass produced. These results have been assessed from many viewpoints such as the factory workers, the factory owners, the government, and other people who observed the conditions in industrial cities. In The Working Man's Companion the author states "Your houses are better built, your clothes are cheaper, and you have an infinite number of domestic utensils". Thanks to machinery, products can be made without as much money. The Industrial Revolution did not simply see the birth of the industrial machinery and locomotives. Availability of a huge workforce made most workers replaceable, and reduced stability among workers. . Not as many people needed for farming. Pollution, with techniques being mostly manual and rudimentary, not much of earths natural resources were being used up till this point in history. There legal write were huge improvements in the textile and iron industries. They get paid by what they need. James Watt made efficient steam engines, originally used to power factories.

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Negatives In my opinion, the positives of the Industrial Revolution outweigh the negatives. The steam engine was another major stride, making transportation and communication cheaper and easier than it had been so far. This shows that he was a positive influence on the city of Hyde. Everyone cramped into small, hot space to work. The nations began to look for markets outside the continent, attempting to sell their goods on foreign soil. Factories are the reason that we have so many of one product. Before the Industrial Revolution people had worked at home on farms or in small workshops. The Industrial Revolution was no different, and even though we did have to let go of some things and allow certain sections to suffer, it is beyond dispute that the Revolution did bring about welcome change in the long run.

industrial revolution essay positive and negative effects

Tags: industrial revolution postive and negatives essay, negative effects of industrial revolution essay. Free Essay : DBQ- Positive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 1700s. The results of the Industrial Revolution led to many short and long-term positive and negative effects.