Argumentative essay against organ donation

argumentative essay against organ donation

4 (500 words). As the name suggests, it is assumed that the donation would have been allowed by the potential donor in case consent was pursued. This story had a happy ending, but so many do not. Each year several patients die waiting for donors. It has been argued that organ donation is an act of causing self harm. The Shintos are also against it as they believe that injuring a dead body is a heinous crime. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing there are 80,578 candidates on the national waiting list as of November 21, 2002.

The Catholics consider it as an act of love and charity. However, the demand for organs is still quite high as compared to their supply.

Organ Donation Consent Process, there are two types of consents when it comes to organ donation. United States The need for organs in the United States is growing at a rapid pace. Organ Donation-Public Education Needed For organ donation to increase, efforts must be directed to those who are not convinced that donation is for the common welfare. Related Information: Organ Donation Day Speech on Child Trafficking Speech on Organ Donation Speech on Organ Trafficking Speech on Corruption Essay on Child Trafficking Essay on Organ Trafficking Corruption Essay Paragraph on Corruption. In order to control organ commerce and encourage donation after brain death, the government of India came up with the law, The Transplantation of Human Organs Act in the year 1994. The organ donation process varies from country to country. Eone who is d#ing o heart ailure would consider ha"ing a heart trans lant There are!an# things to take into consideration while deciding whether the# should or shall not recei"e a new heart Then' on the other hand' the erson in need o a new.