Essay on facing it by yusef komunyakaa

essay on facing it by yusef komunyakaa

comparison of surrealistic art, this state of mind reflects his perception. The next few lines span a range of emotions which include: anger, sadness expressed through tears, and the persona's resolve not to cry. The manner it is articulated may differ and the symbols used varied but they made the narration compelling that enabled the reader to feel what the poets are trying to convey. The informal language and intimacy of the poem are show more content, finally, it may suggest the face paint soldiers wear so they can blend in with their surroundings. He described the pain caused by the bullet to the body as an explosion which causes pain and eventually kills as shown by the phrase, 2 Pages(500 words)Essay. The woman mentioned in line nineteen is possibly a nurse, and the names he sees could be the names of all the injured she has treated. In this case, Yusuf visits the memorial in the full awareness that sorrowful memories would be brought back in Hes lost his right arm to show a colleagues injury. IT has indeed become a remarkable concept in almost all aspects of human life.

essay on facing it by yusef komunyakaa

Cruel and terrible events forever leave a mark on our memory. Free Essay: An Analysis of Facing It Yusef Komanuyakaa s poem Facing It. Facing it by Yusef Komunyakaa reveals another several sides of the war. The polished surface of the wall casts a ghostly illusion to those who stare and gives an impression that Yusef Komunyakaa s views of these.

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Thus, the narrator could have just as easily described white skinned person with no face but because he didnt, one could argue that the narrator like the author is African American. It shows the retrospect that Komunyakaa has about the events in Vietnam, where he worked as a correspondent. Works cited, marvin, Thomas. The thirty-one lines that make up "Facing It" journey back and forth between present and past to tell the story of one man's life. In lines six through nine the poet further develops the images, eyeing the speaker like a bird of prey Komunyakaa 2, the image has now taken on a life of its own and become an adversary to taunt the speaker throughout the poem. The brevity of some of lines attached the poem dramatic hue.

Analysis of Facing It by Yusef Komunyakaa Essay example Bartleby Essay about An Analysis of Komanuyakaa Facing It - 1002 Words Yusef Komunyakaa s Facing It Essay Example for Free

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