Essay on necessity of literacy among farmers

essay on necessity of literacy among farmers

irrigation methods and take advantage of farming research done in India and all over the world. A direct employee is a W2 employee. Same goes with horses, pigs, sheep, etc. Best Answer: They is got to be more literate than U think. So any course that offers hands-on experience is good (although there are many internships that will pay you to gain experience, and they won't charge tuition).

What is the necessity of literacy among farmers? Necessity of, literacy, among, farmers

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Well if you are talking about how to become a farmer. Chemistry, Math, Biology, Physics are all involved in agriculture. Charismatic Leadership : A Charismatic leader is in a better position to impress upon the people to adopt modern beliefs, values, practices and behaviour patterns. You just have to look around to find what you are interested in and do some research. Farmers developed the calender system in order to plant crops and know when to harvest them. While discussing the criteria of modernity Daniel Lerner observes: According to this typology the modern person is an urban literate who participates fully in the public forum, market place, political arena. Many college graduates end up pursuing careers that are only tangentially related to their academic studies.

There is no educational requrement for farming. Experience is the best education that a newbie or rookie cow-farmer can have. This is not to say one cannot learn much by experience.

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