I-search essay living with asthma

i-search essay living with asthma

what it was that I wanted to manage. Asthma is fairly common, and can be described as chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction and bronchospasm (nhlbi, 2007). In others, the symptoms are chronic, severe, and sometime life threatening. The inflammation caused by asthma educes difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, and coughing. She had an operation to fix the fracture. Like other major health problems, asthma has varying degrees of symptoms.

The vascular resistance of the pulmonary system will increase as constriction leads to a smaller vascular diameter (3,4). The effects of en"ronmental factors that can tr"!er asthma e "sodes# follow"n! The rationale for this specific focus on Puerto Rican families is cited within the study, wherein a 2002 survey determined that Puerto Rican children suffered the most from asthma compared to other ethnic.

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As an emergency department nurse, I have treated many patients with asthma and have seen how this same disease can affect different people in different ways. Over 300 million people are said to be victims of this disease with another 100 million being estimated by 2025 globally (Currie and Baker, 2012). ore than 9 million Americans suffer from asthma, with nearly? An example of this in Unnatural Causes is the Continue Reading Symptoms of an Asthma: How Can You Tell technology in 50 years essay If You have Asthma? One type is exercise-induced asthma. In 2009, one in every 12 people now had asthma (Asthma Continue Reading Asthma: A Fish's Battle Out of Water 937 Words 4 Pages later adolescence years I found out the name of my oppressor. When one looks at county maps showing poverty, education, asthma and diabetes rates in Richmond and they are are laid on top of one another, patterns emerge that show that these afflictions are usually due to the poor living on top of or next. Triggers are substances and situations that would not normally trouble an asthma free person.

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