Essay on indian society

essay on indian society

a result of science and technology, if momentum of development has upset a few social apple-carts, we should take things as they happen because they are the natural consequences certain causes in operation. Politics in India continues to operate in an environment of illiteracy and ignorance. According to Maclver society is A web of social relationship. The daniel o'leary doctorage thesis members who constitute the society must realise their likeness and their interdependence. Those who take alcoholic drinks are treated as morally degraded. According to Ginsberg Social structure is concerned with the principal forms of social organisation.e., types of groups, associations and institutions and complex of these which constitute societies. Pluralistic Society : Indian society is a pluralistic society with a complex social order characterised by a multitude of ethnic, linguistic, religious and caste divisions.

We've compiled resources to help you cut through the stereotypes surrounding North Korea and more deeply examine the country, its people, and the complexities of its politics and nuclear program. Caste and Casteism : Caste and casteism has been the pre-dominant feature of Indian social system. Indian society welcomes home with open arms and took the momentous decision to take on the mighty British Empire under: guidance. It consists of not only mutual interactions and mutual interrelations of the individuals but it is also a structure formed by these relations. The time to take important and momentous decisions is right now because time and tide wait for none'. The need is for more determined governmental action and strong social support in this respect. Illiteracy and Ignorance : Illiterates constitute a major part of Indian social system. Nevertheless, with the passage of time the people of India are learning through formal and informal means of education, gaining experience and becoming more and more mature. As members of a vast and vigorous Indian society, we know culture and values are matters of identity of a race and civilization and not matters of commerce, which could be allowed to be exposed. The Indian approach if i were a billionaire short essay towards development reflects both tradition and modernity. Even the constitution provisions for reservation of seats and jobs for the people belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes have failed to produce the desired integrative effect. If one is attuned to the theme of hierarchy in India, one can discuss its manifestations everywhere.

According to Radcliffe Brown The components of social structure are human beings, the structure itself being an arrangement of persons in relationship institutionally defined and regulated. Any change in an institution may lead to a change in the other institutions. These are mostly problematic factors. The Southern States are not prepared to accept Hindi as the national language and instead are prepared to retain English as the medium of communication with the centre and other states.