Odysseus hero essay

odysseus hero essay

refused. Firstly, Odysseus is an ideal hero in both the physical and the spiritual sense. . He has defeated a Cyclops, traveled to "The Kingdom of the Dead and defeated the suitors that were courting his wife. Just like real life, not all heroes are picture-perfect; they all have imperfections. He wanted to shout out againalthough his comradestried to coax him not to do it (p.110). Odysseus was also an epic hero because he had human weaknesses. Odysseus proves himself essay on natural disaster in nepal to be an outstanding hero in various ways show more content, not only did he accomplish things needed, but he also helped to save many innocent lives. A hero like this is not just found in modern society today, but in mythology as well. Furthermore, at the end he has no conflicts with any of the gods. .

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Heroes are no exception to human nature; all people tend to act differently in public than in private. Leadership is the action of leading a group of people; just like how Odysseus. These flaws include the fact that he loses his men and the fact that he boasts how to say drama in an essay introduction about himself and commits blasphemy toward Poseidon when he says, "I am sure that even great Poseidon will never give you back the eye you lost" (Odyssey, Book. When Eurylochos refused to go back to Circes mansion, Odysseus thought for a moment that he would draw his sword and cut off his head.121). A true hero would do anything and risk anything in order to save somebody else, which is exactly what Odysseus did which makes him a true hero, for devoting and risking his life for others. (Book V, Lines 183-190). When his men feared that he was dead and Odysseus returned to them unharmed, from their hearts they said, You are back again my prince! Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Kyklops, you ask my honorable. If Odysseus were to appear weak, than the gods may think he's too weak for the journey and won't make it out alive. For Seven years Odysseus and Circe were lovers. All his men panicked but Odysseus kept his cool.

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