Essay tourism in malaysia

essay tourism in malaysia

made it into top 10 most visited countries in the world, and was confidently placed in the 9th position below turkey and Germany. This might a strong belief in the religious tension that pops up intermittently within the country and more so Malaysia can further harness all the untapped tourism resources that are yet to outgrown research areas. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. Just like other developed and developing countries, Malaysia has invested heavily in tourism, which has grown to be among the world class and as a result tourism has become one of the major revenue for nations wealth. Gov Facts and Figures 2010. The schools of the top three winners also received RM500 and a certificate. Religion being a sensitive areas and has been used by some religious fundamentalists of different faith to spring up political and economic crisis around the globe might send a wrong signal to tourists who have chosen this part of the world as their tourist destination. Social impact of the tourism industry.

essay tourism in malaysia

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Demands/Current Trends Areas of Tourism in Malaysia. This suggests that Malaysia will continue to do well in the future as long as it remains a key player in the travel and tourism industry, and continues to plan for the future demands of tourists within the hospitality and tourism industry. Cochrane (2008) notes that "the major markets in most Asian countries are other Asians) rather than Westerners (p.1) promoting the idea that local cultural and festival tourism may do very well, especially when many Asian tourists are motivated by the "images which they construct and. Tourism sector, therefore, is of great importance to Malaysias economy as one of the major foreign exchange revenue or earnings second to the manufacturing industry. Who wouldn't want to work. Not until recently does Malaysia began to realize the values embedded in the importance of heritage tourism because of the influx of tourists into the country for cultural heritage visit and how it has generated substantial income for he nation. (Badaruddin M) further highlighted that the relationship between tourism and culture can take forms and the result can be viewed negatively and positively when meeting of hosts and visitors occurs and possibly leads to transformation of the hosts culture. Another major recent mishaps that will increase the fears of tourist choosing Malaysia as their tourist destination is the case of religious crisis that emanated from the argument between the Catholic Church and the Islamic fundamentalist in Malaysia that resulted into the arson attack against. Malaysia does not contain a unitary culture but it could be perceived to be diverse in reality because of the racial differences. Medical tourism fits into this category, as countries like Malaysia can take advantage of technology including the Internet to reach out to consumers that might have never known about their country otherwise, to promote new goods and services that they may reach a new level. Tourism investment was endorsed by Malaysian government in the early 90s and it was projected to become one of the main stay of Malaysias economy by contributing to her income revenue by a whopping 85 growth in the 21st century. Further questions can be raised as to whether it is the staged culture or the street culture that is more appealing to outsiders.

There are different factors that pose negative economic impacts on tourism, in case where tourists dont respect the traditions, culture or local life style of tourist destination, or seasonal jobs such as people are only employed when there are only high influx of tourist, which. Benefit of Tourism in Malaysia Internet. Hotel and resort provide hospitality to the visitors or known as guests. It is through these forms of knowledge that distinctions are created and maintained, so that for example, one culture is marked off different from another. In the following research paper, some trends will be presented and explained the consequences of the industry in detail. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Malaysia is a country situated in the Southeast Asia spanning from approximately 1N to 645N latitude and 9936E to 10424E longitude, consisting of thirteen states and three Federal Territories, with a landmass of approximately 329,845 square kilometres (127,354 sq mi).

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