Refugee crisis essay upsc

refugee crisis essay upsc

have been dealing with. The formerly barren desert is crowded with acres of white tents, makeshift shops line a main street and sports fields and schools are available for children. There are now.8 million Syrians scattered throughout the region, making them the world's largest refugee population under the United Nations' mandate. Refugees fled in desperation to escape violence, chaos, and shortages of food, medicine, and other necessities. In 2012 December, Indias external affairs thesis statement for child labor Minister visited Rakhine and donated 1 million dollars for relief.

refugee crisis essay upsc

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And in Lebanon, the government has no official camps for refugees, so families establish makeshift camps or find shelter in derelict, abandoned buildings. In the awake of the Arab Spring uprisings in countries like Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen inspire protest in Syria, followed by the local army intervention. But there is simply not enough space for all the children, and many families cannot afford the transportation to get their kids to school. Several thousands of Rohingya refugees already reside in India and with support from activists they could disrupt Delhis relations with Myanmar. Plight of the tribe, the Rohingya are largely identified as illegal Bengali immigrants, despite the fact that many Rohingya have resided in Myanmar for centuries. The UN estimates.5 million people have been displaced within Syria, while more than 3 million had fled to countries. The conflict intensified on August 25, 2017, when Muslim insurgents of Rohingya origin attacked security posts in Rakhine. Initially, the Muslim minority were allowed to register as Rohingya. The attack, that was reported to have been carried out by Rohingya Solidarity Organisation, was soon followed by a counter terrorism insurgency carried out by the Tatmadaw (Burmese military). Divisions between secular and Islamist fighters, and between ethnic groups, continue to complicate the politics of the conflict.

Tag ged with: upsc Mains General Studies Paper 2 (GS2) and last updated. Refugee: A refugee is someone who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster. Asylum: It is a protection.