Essays about famous paintings

essays about famous paintings

screaming for something. On the other hand, the American Gothic can be said to be a painting of the present. Teacher: There are some new words in the text, do you understand them? Can you read the dates? Woods painting clearly reveals these themes as seen in the gloomy faces of the man and the woman (Biel, 2008). Sometimes, it is just bewildering how these artists find inspiration from the weirdest of things.

essays about famous paintings

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It was this discovery that led the experts to suggest that indeed, art can be used as one of the accurate predictions of history. Leonardo painted this mural on the request of the then Duke of Milan. Teacher: Who is the painter of this picture? It is this that led to the painting being termed as an order in chaos (Taylor, 2002). The paintings show a father, who is a farmer, and his daughter standing together in front of a house. Teacher : What s this? This large mural painting measures a whopping 180x360inches!

One of the most obvious impressions that the painting will make is that the man and the woman are wearing very gloomy or maybe scared faces. What does the word paint mean?

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