Essay on muslim world and the west

essay on muslim world and the west

ideals and have a need to spread these which is likely to cause conflicts between them and the Islamic world who are not open to accepting the modern Western ways of life. Evidence of this comes from looking at Saeed Qutb who visited America from Egypt and on returning started a movement to stop Americanisation showing the more the Islamic world sees of American culture the more strongly they will wish to oppose its integration into their. As the West have a stable interest in the Muslim world for oil and Israel, they can either choose to intervene strongly or leave it alone and as the Muslim world would cause backlash over the intervention which is expected to occur, conflict is most. Only 28 think violent conflict is inevitable. . Furthermore, with the continuing decrease of shipping cost it is likely that these trade figures will increase, improving relations between the two states. . With trading causing countries to be increasingly dependent on one another, organisations like opec have meant that the West now depends on the Islamic world for key resources like oil. Samuel Huntington highlights that the two civilisations that will clash inevitably are Islam and the West. Another argument for the statement is the growing hatred towards the West due to its actions towards Israel and the Palestinian people.

Essays: Islam and the West: Conflict, Democracy, Identity Reset

essay on muslim world and the west

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Published in Civil Society: Democratization in the Arab World, Volume 5, Issue 58, October 1996. This argument suggests the Islamic world is too focused on internal conflict to unite in fighting America. 5, #56, August, 1996. Though it could be argued that globalisation isnt likely to lead to conflict between Islam and the West as globalisation is a tool for modernisation which the Islamic states are willing to adopt. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. Table of Contents, general Considerations, islam, Peace, Jihad, Violence, and Terrorism. Orientalism at m, which deals with Euro-American imperialism and its distorting influence on the writings of Western scholars about non-Western cultures. Another reason conflict between Islam and the West could be seen as unlikely is due to increasing global discussion; both Muslim and Western countries are involved in organisations such as G20 where differences can be openly discussed and resolved so even if there is some.