Nature and its beauty essay

nature and its beauty essay

necessity of being beautiful, and that beauty breaks in everywhere. . Nature has power to recover the patients from their diseases if they are provided with the required and pleasant environment. As the stars hang, unchanging in the nighttime sky, and as the sun moves in ceaseless circles around the earth, so the tree had endured. I wonder soft computing phd thesis how we can tear up the seas and use up the trees all in the name of progress. . We should not destroy the originality of the nature and should not imbalance the ecosystem cycle. But we all should try to maintain our natures beauty.

Here is a new scene, a new experience. . We are taught that we are always right, and anything else is always wrong. We should fully enjoy the nature without disturbing its ecological balance. In the modern technological world lots of inventions are getting launched daily without its advantage and disadvantage to the nature. Click on the page you would like to see. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for thesis paper tqm the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after. There is thus an emotional or affective component in the beauty of the intellect just as there is in the immediate beauty of perception. . When it is sunny and bright outside, we feel cheerful inside. . Michael welcomes correspondence, and can be reached.

According to him, nature never did betray the heart that loved her. Free Essay: The Beauty of Nature The sunset was not spectacular that day. From its highest bough to the loose sand on its mighty roots, the ancient tree. Who says that only spring has its songs?