Website design research paper

website design research paper

and prominent navigation options, users tend to browse rather than search. The seven website design elements most often discussed in relation to user engagement in the reviewed studies were navigation (62.86 graphical representation (60 organization (42.86 content utility (37.14 purpose (31.43 simplicity (31.43 and readability (31.43). Similar to usability, many other key design elements, such as scannability, readability, and visual aesthetics, have not yet been clearly defined (. The adoption of standards like XML, Resource Description Framework and Web Ontology Language serve as foundation technologies to advancing the adoption of semantic technologies. Katz and Byrne (2003). Users will wait between 8-10 seconds for information on the web, depending on the quality of the information. The acceptance and impact of animation is enhanced when users are warned to expect it and allowed german recovery 1919-1929 essay to start it when they want. Logos and icons also establish unique brand/identity for the organization (purpose) and can serve as visual aids for navigation. Bevan, 1997 ; Brady Phillips, 2003 ; Kim, Lee, Han, Lee, 2002 and there are no clear guidelines that individuals can follow when designing websites to increase engagement.

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Initial performance is best with the link alone. International Standardization Organization, 1998 ). Little research, however, has been conducted to define the specific elements that constitute effective website design. In 2013, 34 of cellphone owners primarily use their cellphones to access the Internet, and this number continues to grow (. It continues to grow rapidly and new technologies, applications are being developed to support end users modern life. A format of 95 characters per line is read significantly faster than shorter line lengths; however, there are no significant differences in comprehension, preference, or overall satisfaction, regardless of line length. Yet, Palmer (2002) postulates that usability is determined by download time, navigation, content, interactivity, and responsiveness. With the rise of different mobile devices, users are also diversifying their web browser use.

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